Monday, April 24, 2006

Packing It In -- Day 24

April 23
Since Karen and I were to be the first to leave, we spent bits of time over the weekend trying to pack bags, pack in last views and look good for the film crew from Barcelona.

We met them at 1:30 in the Patio near the remains of last night's party. They asked me to continue working on the pages of this sketchbook/journal. I had taken it apart for yesterday's sharing session in the studio, so I spread some of the sketches out and sat writing about the day. Then I went to our Maison des Cerisier to make sure it was presentable while the crew filmed Cheryl and Pat in the small studio of the Patio House. They took interesting shots through the window of me working on notes for "the book" and making sketches in a small sketchbook. Later, they filmed Karen, Robin, Ellie and Raya in the Big Studio.

It made an exciting ending to our time together.

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