Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Days' Things -- Day 23

April 22 - Earth Day

There were many things to go "back-to-see," but we just stayed near the houses to absorb our own private times. After lunch, we gathered to look at the full body of work by each artists and we talked about what we tried to accomplish. Ellie and I made notes for a possible magazine article. Later, we planned a wine and cheese conversation in the studio, but switched it to the Patio where our small party expanded to include the guys from the sculpture shed, the Barcelona film crew and other friends -- about 25 in all! I love these parties!

This might be a good day to try for a sketch of our pair of magpies. They are very large birds in beautiful back and white. We can usually see them from the kitchen windows or the back terrace.

Everyone has painted or drawn this tree which stands tall over the spring fields. It seems to guard the rows which are freshly plowed and to wish us luck on our daily artistic journeys.

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