Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Family Trees

On Sunday, we made a 3 hour trek to celebrate a family high school graduation in an old neighborhood in a large Southern town. Other family and friends made the drive from several hundred miles to congratulate "Huck." The lawn was scattered with white-clothed tables and chairs and croquet wickets nuzzled up to the large trees. Children tumbled down the grass-covered slopes. Adults gathered near the tubs of ice and beverages which filled the space between beautifully appointed tables and a big barbecue cooker. Striped umbrellas shaded the terrace and the musicians -- a fiddler and a bass player. Green and white balloons floated everywhere and a large red and black University of Georgia banner hung over the front door. It was the perfect setting for greetings and conversation between family members, old friends and new acquaintances.

About an hour and a half after the party began, the pig had been picked, the beans, cole slaw and salad had been refilled for latecomers and the watermelon slices were being appreciated. It was looking like the party was a success. Then the clouds covered the sun, the wind moved the trees and thunder rumbled. The rain suddenly dropped from the sky as everyone covered things and moved inside. The party simply began again. Teens adjourned to the basement or the graduate's room. Little girls chattered on the stairs. Adults chattered everywhere else while the musicians strolled. Two parties in one -- both warm and wonderful and rare. Our family tree -- warm and wonderful and rare.

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