Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two Halves

I am only guessing that these two horses from the French countryside are a team -- partners, yin/yang, two halves working well together.

This week, I had another encounter with a computer chair (the first in France where I banged my nose on the computer monitor.) This one at home where I spilled water and sort of sat on the chair to dry things which got wet. The chair slipped out from under me and I hit the floor banging my other end! and spraining my wrist. I'm right-handed. Who knew I used that side of me so often? I couldn't get the top off the cat food or a tube of paint, could only type with one hand and we won't even talk about personal stuff like putting on clothes.

My team isn't functioning very well. I will be glad when I have both sides in good working order.


CMC said...

looks like you left all your klutzy moves for home instead on on the trip like Karen and me. Take left "sitting bone" and right ankle is still sore.

KJ said...

Good Grief, Annette! There are enough aches and pains that just appear without instigating more! Hope it's very temporary. Enjoying your photos... that was a great adventure!

Annette said...

Hehe, My "sitting bones" are well-padded and an ace-bandage has helped the wrist so I should be back in working order soon.

Cheryl, sorry you are still having aches.
Karen, it WAS quite an adventure - glad you are enjoying the photos.


Pat said...

How awful! But, you can walk in things none of the rest of us can!

Take care...the body has a dreadfully long memory.

Wish I'd read this prior to posting and asking.