Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Bottle of Wine, a Bug Candle and . . .

Oh, yeah. A sketchbook.

One of my favorite summer sketching spots is a concert in the park. The light is still good early in the evening. The atmosphere is casual. No one cares that you are sketching. The players stay in about the same place for 3-5 minutes.
And . . . I love the energy of the music, the people and the images on my paper.

Once the rhythm of the lines is working, it is possible for me to continue by candlelight -- Hey, YOU can pour wine after dark without spilling a bunch, can't you?

I especially like the feeling in these three sketches of one of my favorite Jazz groups.

Maybe a little sketchbook should be part of my concert-going gear!


KJ said...

What a great place to sketch, and fun drawings... I still can't get used to the public eye taking note of me drawing them. But I much prefer to sketch people, must try harder. KJ

Annette said...

You just have to do it. I've done courtrooms, church services, weddings, elections, restaurants. Soon you won't even notice that they aren't noticing. Afternoon or early evening concerts are great because there are the musicians, the audience and the venue (indoor or outdoor.) Just do it!

Pat said...

Bert did some fast little sketches in a local park where our then organist had her 8th and 9th grade band playing! I'd forgotten about that 'til now. Thanks for the memories.


Annette said...

So. . . Pat. Where is YOUR sketchbook?!!!

BTW, jazz pieces sometimes run a little longer than 3-5 minutes if they really get in the groove so there is a little more time for getting it down unless you try to capture a wild girl singer -- with this one EVERYTHING was movin'.