Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sharing Celebrations

For the last few years, I have been filling a chart with artists' birthdates for use as I research and write the 400 word BioGem. Yesterday, while revamping my list of about 450 names and birthdays, I discovered this new calendar published by the Metropolitan Museum.

The description:
12-month format, with a 12-month planner for 2008. 12 in. x 24 in. when open. Celebrate more than 800 artists' birthdays, from C├ęzanne (January 19) to Matisse (December 31), with this calendar. Nearly every day notes the birthdays of renowned painters, sculptors, photographers, and artists working in other mediums, while each month highlights popular works from the Museum's collection, including paintings by Gauguin, Hopper, and Seurat. More about the calendar and costs here:

I will be delighted to get this new calendar and compare notes --eight hundred artists! I wonder if I have some names they don't?! Maybe I'll buy two and give one to a friend. (After I pencil myself in on November!) Besides, I think it will be a good addition to the studio and maybe will keep me on track for the weekly posting.

Meanwhile, the previous BioGem and a suggestion for "Sharing Celebrations" for Jenny Holzer has been posted for this week. Maybe it is new to you.

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