Monday, July 31, 2006

Take That Road - Part II

On Friday, Daughter Susan and I made our way across the state for the summer alumni council meeting. (We represent our respective graduating class from LaGrange College.) After an hour and a half on a glaringly hot, boring and speeding Interstate, we decided we needed a better use for our time. We decided it was time to say, "Take that road!" Unlike the times Karen and I said this in France, Susan and I had no map. We checked one at a rest area and headed cross-country through Victorian and Antebellum villages, horse country and pecan groves. We saw some things we didn't enjoy -- towns which were dying, junk yards and abandoned farmhouses, but mostly it was a visual feast of gentle rivers, overgrown woods and planned forests and old, but growng, towns. I found almost as many times to say "Ooh" as on our excursions in France. It took us about an hour longer than planned, but so did our trip to North Carolina this month and that hour was spent sitting in standstill traffic!

We arrived just in time for a tailgate party to celebrate the arrival of the very first FOOTBALL season in the 175 years of our alma mater - gasp! This is also the first year in which men outnumber women -- men were admitted for the first time in the 1950's. The campus is growing, the facilities are improving and we wear our colors proudly. (A little aside: In France, we were very close to a little community named LaGrange which had about 6 houses. My LaGrange College sweatshirt brought some curious looks.)

We returned home without driving on an Interstate at all. It was a good trip.

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