Monday, July 31, 2006

Refreshing News

This month, there has been the buzz of excitement and anticipation in the email conversations of my friends. Nita's newest book just arrived on her doorstep and she began to autograph copies to send to the 100 or so artists who contributed to it. This one is a revision of the tattered volume I have in my art library. She says it has lots of new stuff and many new color photos. It could not be much better than the old one and I wonder if I really need another how-to book. But . . . It does have Cheryl's painting on the cover and Alan's orchid quilt inside and the words have almost been read off the other one and . . . and . . . . I can always use a refresher course in creativity.

Read more about Nita Leland, her article in the Artist's Magazine and this great book, The New Creative Artist: A Guide for Developing Your Creative Spirit.

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