Thursday, August 17, 2006

Does It Matter What I Look Like?

As I count the days to my 65th birthday, I keep looking at my goals for the year which include weight loss, exercise and walking. "My clothes will fit better." "I will have more stamina and flexibility for standing at the easel." "I will not get as tired at the computer while working on writing projects." Reasons enough, I thought.

Now comes this!
"Do women have a tough time getting noticed in the literary world and, if so, does looking good give some women an edge over their competitors?"
Written for subscribers to the Writer's Digest newsletter, these words jumped from the email. Could it apply to women painters as well? Is a gallery director more inclined to look closer at your work if you look "arty?" Will there be better opportunities for publicity if you photograph well? Should your work "look like you?" Is this a consideration for men?

And this!
"'I remember a friend telling me that her publicist had said she was pretty enough to go on television, and I was horrified,' says Lisa Selin Davis, author of the novel Belly. 'I assumed this was one industry where it didn't matter what you looked like.'"

In the end, the words carry the book and the art makes the sale, but. . . .
I think I'll go do some stair-climbing . . . . Just in case!

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KJ said...

You've touched on a very hot button without even bringing the issue of age into the conversation. For some years... all of them, in fact, I've hoped dealers would be sold on my work before I had to make a personal appearance... for assorted reasons that always seem to be changing.

Annette said...

Unfortunately, I think there is some truth to this. Not necessarily age or size. Style, attitude, wardrobe, hair . . . Aargh!

Martha Marshall said...

Well you both have style and attitude to spare, so I wouldn't worry a whole lot!

Thanks, Annette, for the post and the link. In a little while I shall have a related entry on my blog, partly inspired by this one.


Walker said...

oh lord I wish we could erase how much appearance seems to matter in this world! Then I could stop obsessing about having plastic surgery and spend the money on traveling!