Monday, August 28, 2006

Keeping the Wonder

I can't keep up with technology. It seems to me to be like bubbles floating in the air.

I was puzzled by a whole variety of computers with those big ol' floppy disks, then those little 3" ones, and then CDs. I was confused by the alphabet soup of a tiny little 'starter' website in WYSIQYG, by a 'better' website, my own domain name and HTML codes and, now, by a BLOG. I was interested in the results from my little PhD point and shoot camera and then a bigger zoom model . . . and now I'm fighting the digital curve. I just learned to do most of the stuff on my cell phone which it seems may soon become 'gone' as I check out the prices for the new "Chocolate." And that doesn't even consider the changes which technology has made in the painting process and pigment which made my little watercolor book obsolete.

I have watched the bubbles of new stuff float by and have tried to keep up. I love all the capabilities of computers although I depend highly on my resident techie. I enjoy the combination of a website and a blog even though sometimes I forget to update them. I love the pictures from my old camera. I even love the surprise that comes when a roll of film gets tucked away and doesn't get processed for a while -- like these five month old shots of Lucy which I thought were the photos of her first birthday! -- but a new digital would be so-o-o convenient. I am satisfied with my rhinestoned cell phone even when I forget to charge it but I'll suspect I'll transfer that bling-bling to a new one which might just do it all.

So what is it about the bubbles of puzzling new stuff? Why do I keep trying to figure out the new technology which is floating by?

The smile of wonder on Lucy's face is reason enough.

I want to keep that wonder within.


KJ said...

Sure glad you found these! Just precious ;-) Good analogy with the bubbles... right on target!

Martha Marshall said...

Add to your long list of talents: a prize-winning ability to capture beautiful Lucy moments! Your pictures are just amazing. And so is she.

Walker said...

I'm right there with you on the technology dilemma. But I'm afraid if I stop now I'll be left behind! GREAT photos of Lucy - what a doll!

Annette said...

KJ and Martha
After a recent discussions of the reasons for blogs/websites, my wavering on buying a new digital and my lust for the "Chocolate" phone thingy, the photos of Lucy's first experience with bubbles just seemed like serendipity -- a good reminder that that smile of 'getting it' can happen at any age.

As for the photos: With a subject like Lucy, it's hard to go wrong. AAB

Annette said...

That's the point. It's puzzling, confusing, interesting at first and we just want to get away from that stuff, but when we figure it out. . . . ain't it great?!!

If you can believe it, there were actually a few better photos of Lucy, but they really didn't illustrate my point as well. AAB