Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sound and Fury

Yesterday was another of my long days at the polls. There was a run-off from the primary elections of last month. Voters did not make a clear decision in three of the races, so we went back to the polls. Or should I say, the election workers went back to the polls. In my precinct of more than 2800 voters, only 171 made the trip through the neighborhood to cast their ballots. There were a number of phone calls, mailings and ads for each candidate -- all filled with sound and fury signifying nothing. For the eight of us on duty for the twelve hours, it was a long and boring day.

I think sometimes painting is like that. The equipment is ready, the choices are outlined but the ideas just don't come and participate. For the painter, it is a long and boring session.

For an election and a painter to generate enthusiasm, there must be more than sound and fury.


KJ said...

A bonus this morning... Bloglines announces four entries from you. Wonder why the backlog? The entry dates are spaced out but for some reason, they didn't get counted until this morning. Guess glitches happen.

Annette said...

No glitch in the techno-stuff. Just in me. I kept writing drafts and not getting them finished and posted for one reason or another -- does finding my closet rod on the floor count as a good reason? -- I finally decided to just get them up -- with or without images. AAB