Friday, August 11, 2006

A Year of the Unfamiliar

Today marks Lucy's first birthday.

It has been an interesting year both with my first grandchild and with options in the studio. As she explored the new things in her world while clinging to the familiar, in the studio so did I. While she was trying scary new things, so was I. Not everything she did was successful and that was okay, but she tried again; I have not learned to do this. We will celebrate tomorrow with a large cake covered with butterfly frosting.

As she goes into her second year with the usual bumps and scraps, dusts herself off and tries again, I will do the same. Successful changes for both the tiny redhead cherub and the white-haired grandmother painter will come with practice and determination.

NOTE: In the photo, I introduce Lucy to the piano. What fun when she realizes SHE is making the sounds. Maybe later, I'll teach her to play - more practice and determination.


KJ said...

Happy B'day, Lucy! Such fun to watch you grow. May we all discover a fraction of what you find each day.

Martha Marshall said...

I've so enjoyed your sharing pictures of sweet Lucy. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! It's hard to believe you are a year old. I remember so clearly when you were born and the joy your g'mother took in you.

Let us hope we can make just a tiny discovery as you explore the whole world around you.