Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Unexpected Seeing

In November, around the time of my birthday, daughter Susan gave me a lovely new digital camera which has so many things to learn and I have been so excited to have a new toy.

So I planned an early morning trip to catch the sunrise among the peach groves of South Carolina.I drove about 30 miles and spent my time photographing . . . a rain-soaked countryside. Oh, well.

I left home early on another day and made the drive under a beautiful morning sky. Nearing my destination, I realized that visibility was decreasing and, when I arrived at the peach groves, I was dismayed to discover them socked in with fog. Strike two on photographing the perfect sunrise.

So much for getting out the door at 'O dark thirty!' (which in case you don't know is pretty early.)

Since those two disappointing mornings, I have played with these images which fill my camera -- editing, deleting, cropping.

I have discovered that I didn't need a perfect sunrise to capture the mystery of the morning.

I just needed to be ready to see the unexpected.


Joyce said...

Welcome to the group of digital camera lovers. You have made a brilliant start!

CMC said...

Way better in my opinion than the usual run of the mill early morning sunrise, Annette. Like paintings, you can make art out of whatever you come across.

Martha Marshall said...

Wow, I love these, Annette. Great as art in their own right; great as inspirations for paintings.

Annette said...

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.
Joyce. Yep, digital is great. I've loved experimenting with the different settings -- some disasters. The movies are all of Lucy, of course. But I do love my little Olympus 710.

Cheryl, I was NOT happy when I left home before 6:30 to get the sunrise and found less than wonderful conditions. I just experimented with the new camera and was really surprised.

Martha, I will try to post some others from those mornings and allow larger images. I think I will repost these to enlarge a little more -- some of the good stuff doesn't show up!

KJ said...

Perfection is so boring... as you've discovered with these terrific photos which didn't meet your expectations. That's when the real art begins to happen. But you know that. Yes, bigger images! Blogger is so generous with it's space, might as well take advantage! KJ

Annette said...

I was particularly interested in getting the early morning light on the brilliant leaves on the ground in the peach groves. Didn't get them either time, but was pleased to learn what to expect from my camera in unexpected conditions. I will post some more (and larger) of the fog photos. I was amazed.

MMComstock said...

Coming in late--and these are wonderful, Annette. Yum. Will you let them inspire paintings? Be fun to see what you do if you do. ; )


Annette said...

Late is Okay, Margot. I don't know yet what I will do with them. I'm just trying to learn to use the little camera! Yesterday, I discovered a tiny, but tall, tripod in my dh's photo gear -- won't that be fun!