Sunday, May 20, 2007

Colors of the Day: Green and Gold

This is the season when spring colors give way to hot summer, students don caps and gowns and families join together to celebrate milestones in crowded arenas. We haven't had a high school graduate for a while, but this year there are my nieces (Michelle and Lily) and a cousin's daughter, Tiffany.

Yesterday, we celebrated with school's gold and green at a family party for Michelle. (Lily will graduate next weekend in South Carolina.) Michelle's favorite part was the presents. Lucy had worn her party outfit and loved the balloons, but her favorite part was the special diploma cake.

After lunch, everyone loaded the cars and headed to the arena where they joined other cousins and heard Tiffany give the salutatory address. There were tears of relief and joy along with anticipation for the next steps.

We DO know that when their next milestones come for these three girls, the colors might be different, but the family will be there to congratulate and encourage. It's what families do.

(Poppies, like our grandmother used to grow, line the walk at my sister's house. A green and gold send-off for her daughter.)


Martha Marshall said...

Yes, we've been doing our share of family celebrations this season too! A graduation and then a baby shower the very next day, each for a granddaughter. Yes, you heard right -- you know what that now makes me!!

Annette Bush said...

A great-grandmother! Martha, that's, well, GREAT! It just gets better.