Friday, May 18, 2007

Sight Recognition

When I first saw Dan Flavin's light installations, I was reminded of . . . . well, I wasn't sure of what. I just knew there was something familiar about it.
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Last week, from out of the usually irreverent comments by Sparky Donatello in his blog, a light came on. He had posted a photo of "Just the late afternoon sun hitting the wall of the building across from our back door. . . ." He said it reminded him of Dan Flavin. Well, me too!

Suddenly, I thought back to my first exposure to Flavin and I knew why it was so familiar, yet not so familiar. I was reminded of . . . the way the morning sun explodes through the cracks high in the walls and lights unexpected things at my old summer cottage. I just couldn't get there from here.

It's one of my favorite parts about staying there overnight -- the surprising slices of that clear, bright light. The kind of light which Dan Flavin loves.

Sometimes it takes other eyes to recognize what is beyond what we are seeing.

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