Friday, June 15, 2007

Color of the Day -- Yellow

I am still absorbing the changes which come to a household when a tiny baby moves in -- and not just the diaper ones! Lucy, Susan and I went to the hospital on Thursday to bring Kathryn and Belle home.

Now I write blog entries and don't get them posted. I make shopping lists and lose them. I suddenly find that I have been sitting with one or the other of my two grandchildren while an hour slips away. Every day is filled with a golden glow.

We think Belle is a beautiful baby and she is fitting into the family. Lucy is generous with her toys and snacks, so we have to watch for large stuffed animals being tossed into the crib or offers of tastes of peppermint candy or cheese and sips of soft drinks.

It has been an interesting week.

The yellow dress which Belle wore home from the hospital was worn by both her mother and her aunt Susan in the late 60s. Is that 'recycling' or 'heirloom?'

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