Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Peaches Were Being Picked

Fuzzy Skins times Three

One of the things I am learning about my digital camera is that I take lots of shots of lots of things. Sometimes I am surprised at what I get. Sometimes I am surprised by what I had not seen.
Three In A Row
Daughter Susan teaches at a rural school and stopped by her classroom last week to return some books and files. When she came home, she had bags of fresh veggies and a basket of peaches from a roadside stand. She said she couldn't resist because the peaches near the school were begin picked and the peach smell filled the air. We spread them out on a table and the peach smell filled the house.

Suddenly, I placed a few in a window, grabbed my digital camera began to shoot. Eleven shots of the same five peaches. Never that many with my print camera; one or two and I'm done! In those photos, I discovered an amazing variety of light conditions -- a whole cache of painting possibilities.
"Is This My Best Side?"
Oh, my! This is exactly what I have tried to tell my painting students:

Don't just paint what you think you see.

In Its Shadow

Create other possibilities of lighting and composition with photos or thumbnails.

Okay, Line Up

Try a series of paintings.

Waiting On Stage

Make notes in your sketchbook or in your files. "The peaches were being picked."

Two Plus Three

Sometimes I need a reminder.


KJ said...

Love that you're putting more photos up... it's like you've discovered a whole new medium. And that wonderful experience doesn't come along all that often.

Annette Bush said...

Heh, heh. I used to be known as the world's worst picture taker. My film processing folks thought about giving me an award. I always assured them that I want to paint from general shapes and that I didn't worry about details.

The digital imagery has been fun; there is little time for sketching or writing. Good thing. Lately, I've mostly had grass, a few flowers, the kittens, Lucy and, now Belle, as subjects. I've got to get out more!

Joyce said...

I love what you have done with the peaches.

Annette Bush said...

Thanks, Joyce. The photos were serendipitous. I really hadn't planned a thing and was amazed at the results. I think I'd like to do a few more like them.