Thursday, June 21, 2007

Choosing Between Two

This week's special election to fill the Congressional seat of our friend, Charlie Norwood, pitted an old classmate against 8 other candidates. We were pleased that he received more votes than his next two competitors together. However, since he did not receive a 50%, there will be a run-off next month; we just don't know which of the two will be his opponent.

Large crowds of voters are never expected for special elections so I was prepared to get a little reading done during our 12 hour day. I didn't have any reading time, but my election workers are a great team and I did manage to take a break with my camera. The church which hosts my precincts is very contemporary and I wanted to photograph the stained glass windows which remind me of Rouault's paintings.

As I passed through the corridor to the rotunda and the windows, I looked up at a sliver of sky above the mediation courtyard. Cottony white clouds were lit with late afternoon sunbeams and I was enthralled. Then I felt a hand on my arm. I turned to face a voter who was pointing toward the ground. I looked down into the garden and found a concrete bunny and a very much alive green lizard having a conversation.

If I had to vote, I would have a difficult time in choosing which view was more awesome. I hope my voters have an easier time in the run-off decision-making next month.


Walker said...

Annette - I love how observant you are. It reminds me to pay closer attention to things.


Annette Bush said...

Thanks, Robin. I keep trying to hone my skills yet sometimes am floored by the things I miss. Having little ones join the household has certainly changed the way I look at things!