Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lessons from Lucy: Not by Giant Leaps

About the time, Lucy was learning to maneuver steps, she was also practicing jumping.

Suddenly, she decided to put both her new skills together and she jumped from the bottom step. She laughed and giggled and then did it again.

Now, she has gotten good at it. She still occasionally has mishaps, but she is figuring it out.

In the studio, we can rework a mishap or edit a phrase. We just need to figure it out a little at the time.

Is that called Practice?

Don't expect giant leaps.

Note: All the kittens have new homes;
all the adults are fixed!


KJ said...

She is so totally adorable! How lucky we are that you are such a good photographer and like to share!

Annette Bush said...

How lucky I am that she just fits so much of what I want to say. Getting the pics is pure accident!

Anonymous said...

No, not pure accident! You have to be there with camera all the time.

How precious she is. Karen is right all the way!


Annette Bush said...

HaHa. If you could see how many shots I have of the back of her head or an empty room, you'd know what I mean about 'accident.'

I do keep the camera with me most of the time. Actually, I have a little makeup bag with a small notebook, some pens and my camera. I just move it from place to place.