Saturday, September 29, 2007

Street Talk -- Getting Down

As the weather cools down, leisurely strolls down the wide green space in the center of my street are more fun. In other places it might be an esplanade, a hana-no-michi, a village green but in our town it has always been called "the median." (When I had a chance, I had it changed to "linear park" in the official neighborhood plan to protect its benches, lighting, monuments and sidewalks, but it's still The Median)

Although the hundreds of azaleas which have brought springtime joy to both hometown folks and visitors, have suffered greatly through some irrational transplanting decisions by city leaders, the heat and drought conditions of two recent summers, and some vandalism, it is still a great place to walk. The oaks, magnolias and gingkos provide dappled shade for stopping to read inscriptions on monuments or just for rest on the concrete benches.

On this particular day, Lucy took a walk and let me come too. We didn't take the stroller. She set the pace and looked at whatever caught her two-year-old eye. She took close looks at things I had not thought to point out while she was sitting up in the stroller.

She tried to climb the slippery light poles to get to the big ball lights added during the 50s.

She watch closely as tiny ants ("the owies") scurried into their houses.

She sat on the cool grass and on an old rough concrete bench.

She "read" the letters on a monument with her fingers and felt the bumps on another.

Sometimes, part of the creative process is 'getting down' to keep from missing the good stuff.

Another good Lesson from Lucy.


KJ said...

I like 'Linear Park' best too... but understand about old habits. In NOLA the median is staunchly referred to 'the neutral ground.'

Martha Marshall said...

Annette, my subscription to your blog just isn't delivering on time. I love these pictures!!


Annette Bush said...

I love the pics, too. I just point and shoot, so I am surprised when the blog ideas just pop out. Hope you can get your subscription straightened out.