Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Link: Morphing Rembrandt

Along with others, I was charmed by the morphing of Women in Western Art on this year. So, still fascinated by the images of "The Age of Rembrandt" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was delighted to find Rembrandt's paintings at two different YouTube sites.

(Note: Today's image is from the current show and not a self-portrait! Rembrandt - "The Noble Slav")My previous post here.

In the first, his self-portraits are morphed one to another with the eyes staying pretty steady. Weird but fascinating as he stares out at me. Rembrandt's morphed self portraits --
or here

In the second, his self-portraits are arranged in a slide show accompanied by a delightful arrangement of Vivaldi's "Winter."

or here

Totally different presentations; both good Monday links.


Joyce said...

Thanks for these videos. It reminds me of how life's experiences re-create themselves on our faces.

this is the face of a man that I would like to have known.

Annette Bush said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Joyce. They were just too cool not to share after last week's post on the Age of Rembrandt show.

Yeah, I think we could all enjoy getting to know Rembrandt.

Martha Marshall said...

That is just amazing, Annette. Thanks for sharing it.

Annette Bush said...

Thanks, Martha
I initially thought I would just do one, but realized how much it added to have both.