Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks for the Music

This joyous week began with another Sunday afternoon concert. The grand organ had only a small role in this Concert with a Cause.

The program was powerful, joyous and a bit of naughty and emotion filled hearts gained release with laughter at the music and words. The guest director, Eric Nelson, fairly danced as his every move pulled exactly the right bit of color, texture and volume from the choir; his expressive face and hands asking them to - be - more. They responded with crisp harmony, joyous undertones and solid hymn singing.

The readers (playwright Rick Davis, actress Betty Walpert and director Doug Joiner) chose passages which gave hints of past Thanks Givings -- a bit of 17th C. gossip, a modern tale of food choices, lines from Whitman, Donnelly, Twain and passages of scripture. Tonya Currier's solo "This Little Light of Mine" was a concert in itself. Clara Park and Martin David Jones presented an arrangement for two pianos from Porgy and Bess which resounded with the joy of life.

It was an afternoon of spirited music and inspired words. It was a perfect way to begin a week of Thanksgiving.

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