Sunday, February 10, 2008

Needing A Map!

It was the day for the drive across state for an alumni council meeting at our Alma Mater. Daughter represents her Class of 1989 and I represent Class of 1963. I realized what a great divide there had been between "my" school and hers in those far away years when I looked at the campus and its growth just since last year. Amazing.

I will be planning the 45th Reunion of my class for October this year. Some of my classmates always return for Homecoming Weekend. They will stake their tail-gating tents for the football(!) game, check out the progress of the new library, stop in the bookstore for their class year discount and, maybe, pop into a favorite downtown spot for a traditional hotdog. They will certainly see the changes since last time! If they should look for John Wesley, they will find him presiding over near the Chapel. The frat houses are now down the street from a new parking lot. A couple of large boulders have appeared on the Residence Quadrangle below Turner Hall. . . .

For others, it will be their first visit back in some time. They will recognize Hawkes Dorm and the antebellum columns of Smith Hall (where I watched John Glenn's historic journey) and Pitts Dining Hall. But for the rest, they may be needing a map!


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Martha Marshall said...

Annette, I have to hand it to you for being willing to do such a monumental job of planning a class reunion.

Yes, we also have the same little family ice cream shop that has served the same incredible little hot dogs in paper boats since 1918.

Thanks for the memories.