Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quote Of The Week: Gesture of Humility

Once a brush is useless for one purpose, find something else for it to do. Treating your tools with respect is part of the whole gesture of humility you bring to painting."

I have often clicked on a link to handprint.com, usually because someone has referenced a section for the valuable information which Bruce MacEvoy has set out with such clarity and creativity. I generally just read what I need to know, but on this day, I browsed. No, I rambled. Here are some things I loved:

"wating for something to take hold of me | of
my life | the sense that school like hospital is
a place where people wait for a change
they cannot command"

"(watercolors are like people: they turn out badly when you try to make them into something they're not. i didn't know what watercolor was, or could be.)"

"this wasn't my usual retail experience. the patrons and upkeep immersed me in the unfamiliar side of art, the disordered, whimsical, erratic, random side of art, the somewhat tacky and stifling side of art ... very unlike the overeducated, professionally groomed, highly directed approach to life that made up my own delusion of life's meaning, wrapped around me like my soft leather jacket and porsche sportscar."

I'll plan to ramble here another day. The thoughts, the solid information freely shared, the inspirations -- all are reminders that my creative energy needs the added awareness of gestures of humility.

Update: Since this is such an extensive site, I thought the site map might be helpful.


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Martha Marshall said...

What an amazing site, Annette. I like his approach to his writing and presentation of his art, as though it truly were a personal journal.