Friday, March 07, 2008

Looking Forward to Looking Back

Reunion meetings seem to be the thing that is filling my calendar these days. My high school class is in the midst of plans for its Fiftieth Reunion. My college class is celebrating its 45th this year.

And what about the others!?! The annual barbecue for my high school classes of the 50s. The fun weekend for anyone who went to my junior college (now a university) in the 60s. Even a year long event to celebrate the 225th Birthday of my high school. Why is there such interest?

Perhaps it's a mark of my age. When we planned the 25th reunions, everyone said people were interested because their children were older or out of school or married and there was time to come back. Now they say it's because we're at retirement age and have little else to do! Sure.

Frankly, I think it's the fault of the Internet.

Searching for lost classmates is like solving a mystery -- well, at least as much fun as a crossword or sudoku puzzle. Emailing makes communication with old friends easy and cheap. Blogging with photos keeps everything up-to-date. Building a website spreads the word around the world that "the old school is still alive and kicking, so come on back."

I'll be working hard on building enthusiasm for each of these events. Thanks to the Internet, I'm looking forward to looking back.


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