Friday, April 04, 2008

For Others To See

Each year when the Southern Watercolor Society mailings come,I faithfully put the dates on my calendar and then let the deadlines go by.

When the invitations to openings arrive, I note the dates and forget to make reservations.

I open the catalog of the annual exhibition with little enthusiasm for the usual good watercolors. (Edward Betts once said when selecting award, "Technical ability is a given at this level." as he looked for real winners.)

I have become complacent in expecting the usual quality of work by artists who share some of the same culture, blue skies and sunlight . . . in expecting a unique portrayal of the region.

This year, there has been one difference. The paintings are smashing, but the catalog is beautifully designed and printed. It is one of the best! The officers and committees have done their job well in providing information and images. I am proud to be listed among their past presidents. I think I will leave it out for others to see.

Note: The images of the 2008 31st exhibition are here.

BushStrokes (c) AAB


Karen Jacobs said...

You contributed greatly to this a fine organization during it's building years... bet you are proud!

Annette Bush said...

Thanks and yes! It's always nice when positive energy continues with each successive set of officers so that the hard work of a couple of years doesn't go down the drain. I was pleased to be able to take the tour show (including your piece) from the 13th Annual to Japan -- it gave me a whole new understanding of showing work "for others to see!"