Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just Not Real Soon!

Emergency Room visits with little ones are always scary. So when we had to take Lucy for a late-night-spiking temperature, it was reassuring that someone had decided that the Pediatrics rooms could at least be cheerful. Flowers and bugs and butterflies fill walls in hallways -- spots of color which the artist seems to have added as an afterthought.

The signature confirms that it is the work of Richard Worth who has filled many walls in our town with his brush strokes. He is very good at meeting the requirements of homeowners in matching their colors, periods or peculiarities. And he is FAST!

At University Hospital, he has created the illusion of a tree house in the children's waiting area. He has tucked a friendly black and white dog behind picket fences and peeping around doorways in the exam rooms. He splashes birds, clouds and trees in unexpected places.

Although the diagnosis of a simple ear infection may have affected my emotions, I think I like these better than any of his other work. He has given a sense of joy and spontaneity to a place of fear and crisis. I think they're Worth seeing again. Just not real soon!

BushStrokes @AAB

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CMC said...

goodness, Annette. I've been lax on reading blogs lately and now find you've had a scare with little Lucy. Happy she's ok now.