Saturday, May 24, 2008

Art&Sun Days: Disney World Is Not Needed

When the invitation to visit Central Florida came from my friend, Linda. I jokingly announced, "I'm going to Disney World!" as if I'd won some major event which could only be topped by such a prize.

For several reasons, neither Linda or I have painted for a while and this seemed to be the boost we needed. We talked of spending days in the studio exploring different kinds of watercolor paper, trying new painting techniques and visiting a gallery or two. A quiet week -- yeah, right!

As we shared our plans with the Internet friends* who had traveled together to see The Gates in Central Park and the galleries in Atlanta, the ideas began to fly and the week became a real art adventure.

*NOTE: In this photo, Karen, Kaye, Linda, Annette with the original banners from "Gates" weeks. (Flat Stanley's story about our NYC adventure here) Various members of this artists' email list have now met face-to-face in Arizona, Atlanta, California, Chicago, France, Kentucky, Miami, Santa Fe, Texas . . . .

I arrived early on Monday and immediately felt at home with Linda and Doug, their pets, paintings and photographs.
Karen flew from Alabama on Tuesday to join us for the week and we spent the afternoon at the Orlando Museum and the Maitland Art Center (Karen's blog -- mostly in May.)
Kaye drove over from Jacksonville for the Appleton Museum in Ocala and The Harn in Gainesville on Wednesday.
On Thursday, Martha planned a full day of galleries, museums and the Columbia Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Ybor City. (Links for Martha's day on her blog .)
Doug showed us around his favorite old-hometown spots in New Smyrna Beach, a bit of Daytona and the Saturday market in Sanford where the streets were paved with "Augusta" bricks -- a reminder of my hometown.
And I haven't even mentioned the food!

I have come home from this walk on the beach. It will take me a while to absorb the conversations and the images of Central Florida. I will write about some of the special things, but I have learned that whenever artists are together creative juices bubble, eyes are opened to new possibilities, opinions change and ideas flow -- an indescribable Magic happens.

A sprinkling of beach sand is nice.
Disney World is not needed.


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