Friday, May 23, 2008

Ready To Turn Back - PART II

I stayed in that spirit of the walk-on-the-beach as I drove home from Hilton Head Island. I passed through a month of balmy spring days in the way that is usually reserved for hot summer ones.

I sat in the rockers on the front porch and ate ice cream with the little ones.
I shopped with my daughters and then with my mother -- a few things called my name.
We caught up on news of cousins at family dinners.
We stopped by to visit the Chickfila Cow and the peach colored fountains at the Tour de Georgia festivities.
We welcomed home Lucy and Belle's daddy from Afghanistan.
It was easy to just celebrate the days.

And then I packed my bags again and I found myself with friends once more overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, my feet sprinkled with the magic of beach sand.

I began to think of making notes about these Art&Sun Days for posts to BushStrokes, selecting images from the camera and the iPhone, maybe putting a little paint on the brush.

Finally, I knew I was ready to turn back.

BushStrokes (c) AAB

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