Thursday, January 08, 2009


There's a funny thing about a "Quote of the Week."

Sometimes it's forgotten before the day is over; other times it's still around week later.

I had made note of "So -- where has the day gone? Who took it?" when I first previewed Danny Gregory's little book, "Me TiME." "Good quote," I thought.

I read that he decided to get up one hour earlier each morning to have an hour just for himself. "Good idea," I thought.

And then, it began to play with MY days and I began to wonder about my TIME. Hum . . .

What happened to the hours which used to be filled with painting and sketching and art activities? I keep forgetting that there are three new people, an extra cat and a dog in the household now . . . . And that two of those are my grandchildren.

Who has stolen the minutes from my day which were set aside for blog writing and editing photos? Did the days just get shorter or wasted? Maybe I just need to be better organized . . . . a priorities list, a task timer, a(nother) little notebook, a creative coach . . . .

Why haven't there been in any blog entries in months, or new paintings, or completed illustration projects, or weeded flower beds, or daily walks, or . . . ? Maybe the day wasn't stolen. Maybe it was substituted. Maybe it's reading little books in my morning chair or dancing around the dining room table to CDs of silly songs or exploring the grocery store with the letter of the week or finding leaves with patterns and colors or pushing dolls in painted strollers . . . .

So, I decided to look at my days and guard the door to my minutes. I decided to try Danny's one hour earlier scheme every morning -- well, almost every morning.

I'm going to create some "Me Time." Maybe I'll blog about it.

photo: Barkley and Baby guard the door.
BushStrokes (c) AAB

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