Friday, January 09, 2009

A Plan I Can LOVE!

I have been reading all the weight loss articles. Isn't that what you are supposed to do in January? (Although, reading about food does not seem to be conducive to weight loss.)

I have put together my own fitness plan.

1. I can eat anything I want -- just half as much.
2. I get to take long, lovely walks everyday.
3. I am allowed to do something everyday to remove stress.

Diet, exercise, stress-relievers. I don't think so. I'm going for small amounts of great food, long walks in the neighborhood, and my one-hour ME TiME.

It's a plan I can LOVE!

Photo: Lucy and Belle
BushStrokes (c) AAB


Anonymous said...

I hope this works for you. I taught the older ladies SS class last Sunday and the subject was-what else-A new year and a Fresh Start. What we do every New Years, right? I discovered why we are never able to keep our resolutions-we're starting on the wrong side-the outside. A Fresh Start comes from a Fresh Perspective, one from the inside out. First, Look at the Sky-at God's creation and become aware of Him and all that He has created, how poweful He is, and how present He is in our world. The knowledge that He is God and we are not challenges us to abandon our professed self-cufficiency and trust His strength to help us start anew.
Anonymous Judy

Annette Bush said...

Judy, I wrote my "plan" with only a little tongue in cheek. I am still trying to look mahvelous for our 50th reunion in May! At this point, the dress is hanging in the closet; the body is just hanging.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on fresh starts. It is not easy to stay aware of God's power in one's life. Acknowledging that Power requires "a little revelation, a little acceptance, a little courage"* yet gives a Fresh Start EVERY DAY. For artists, it may be hardest of all. In our acts of creation, we cannot be the same today as we were yesterday and that is a scary thing.

* quoting myself from the Epiphany post on Jan 6.