Monday, February 09, 2009

Quote of the Week: To Do Our Appointed Work

Consider the lilies. While the lilies do not toil or spin, they do their work, draw up sustenance from the earth, and drink in the dew, rain and sunbeams. So we are to do our appointed work. It we do this, trusting in God, he will supply all our needs.
Matthew 6:28 translation from the People's New Testament

As the daffodils begin to spatter color along the roadside and early white plum blossoms mark fence lines, it seems this scripture from Matthew is a good "quote of the week."

Conversations in the winter of this economy seem to focus on the crises which the world faces. For some, it has meant a major loss of money, home, or job - certainly devastating and worrisome times for them. For others, it is simply the inconvenience of increased prices or products not readily available. For most it is an awareness which will mean a change in how we use the earth's resources, how we learn to use our gifts and how we pay attention to what we have.

It is a time
to consider the lilies of the fields,
to change our conversations,
to push through the fear,
to boost our own creative energies,
to offer our best efforts

It is the best time to do our appointed work.

Photo: Daffodils & peach trees, Trenton, SC -- 02/09/09

BushStrokes (c) AAB


Joyce said...

It is so wonderful that you have flowers popping up already. We are a couple of months from that experience, but it's nice to know that somewhere spring has arrived!

Annette Bush said...

Joyce, we have had wonderful warm days this week after our coldest days last week -- nighttime temps matching last week's daytime ones. The peach trees are beginning to show red switches and I keep adding a stem or two of blooms and buds to a bowl on the table. Except for a few really hot days, a few really cold days, a little ice and a lot of humidity, this is a great place to live.