Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nita's In My Skirt!

Every so often, I pick up the freebie magazine/ newspapers around town, mostly to catch up on who has the latest creative ideas or what others are doing with their leisure time. Sometimes just to have something to peruse while I am waiting.

Skirt! magazine is my favorite of the monthlies. Not just another entertainment weekly rag, it is geared for women and presents its stuff in clever themes -- This month's issue focuses on Perfect Timing. Its regional coverage is disguised by some local ads and features. The ads are well designed. The copy is smart, sharp and timely -- "Aargh! did I just say that?!" But turns out to be in line with my time.

I wrote last week about the influence of two women and their groups - one in Florida and one in Georgia. Then I read in Nita Leland's blog about her plein air group in Ohio which has been together since 1975. Nita is a very special person who teaches and judges watercolor and collage across the country, yet she finds time to paint in her studio, keep up with her old friends, love a couple of wonderful grandchildren, teach a group of local painters, answer questions of friends and strangers on several email painting lists AND write books and articles. She seems to have Perfect Timing.
So, I was surprised when I picked up this month's issue. I turned to Skirt! publisher, Nikki Hardin's, Browse column about the best books and music! To quote Skirt!, "Synchronicity runs on Universal Time." There I found a little spread on "The New Creative Artist."

Perfect Timing.

Nita's in my Skirt!

Photos: Cover of Skirt! magazine
Browse column http://skirt.com/node/30912 featuring Nita Leland's newest book, "The New Creative Artist."

A quote from Skirt!: "­Nita Leland believes that creativity can be learned, and her book is designed to show you how. You don’t have to be a visual artist to have fun with the activities (110+) and give your creative muscles a workout. "
Cover of the book features a painting by Cheryl D. McClure who was one of the six in my French Residency.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annette--so glad you are blogging again---interesting how our art friends are all over doing stuff--the internet is a great thing-

Anonymous said...

Hi the comment was from me Linda S. I'm on a different computer--

Annette Bush said...

Aw, Linda
I didn't stop blogging; I just don't always get around to posting!
Not the same, I guess. hehe. I have been posting a lot on my class blog, but will try not to neglect this one as we get nearer the 50th Reunion..

CMC said...

Thanks for the plug, Annette. Nita is such an awesome person.