Monday, August 17, 2009

Hours for Watching

Time to Watch.
Not watching Time.

Spiders building webs and unbuilding webs.
Children climbing, running, swimming.
Little girls snoozing in my bed.
Cats sleeping.
Birds warning of cats not sleeping.

Hammocks with no sketching.
Swings with no writing.
Porches with no painting.

Shadows lengthening.
Raindrops clinging in last light.
Sunsets spreading across the sky.

My days. The minutes filled with Hours for Watching.

BushStrokes (c) AAB
iPhone photo: ShadowPlay


Karen Jacobs said...

I think you've still got a book in you, trying to get out...

Annette Bush said...

Words and images do get tangled up inside, don't they? Whether either is worthy of letting out, remains to be seen.

Thanks for you vote of confidence.

Anonymous said...

I agree-summers are for watching. I watched all season long for bluebird babies. I have never seen any. But alas, this year in June we saw 2 babies, but they were drowned in the lake and a snake was trying to come get them. I have not gotten over that yet-and I still watch the bluebird house.


Annette Bush said...

Hi, Judy
This been one of my busiest, but least stressful summers ever -- even with my sister's aneurysm. Sorry about your buebirds. We lost some wrens to a cat a couple of years ago. Not a fun memory.