Sunday, August 16, 2009

Color of the Week: "Birthday"

When 18 month-old Lucy and her Mamma came to my house to live for a while, Belle had not arrived. Now Belle has turned two and Lucy has just become a sparkling four year old and they have moved just five miles away (close enough for regular visits, but in another state!)

We celebrated last week with The Cake which Lucy "visited" each week as she and I grocery shopped together. It was a lovely party with four generations (as usual) of family and friends. Susan and I surprised everyone with {{ fanfare }} The Cake. Lucy loved it and all the girls called out the names of the princesses which paraded across the castle turrets.

Lucy's favorite color is pink, and there was lots of it, but for this birthday, she wanted the blue-green-lavender sea colors of Arial the Mermaid and was delighted with this present.

Lucy was excited and made sure her hat was on just right.

She let Belle wear the tiara -- even if it was backwards.

She quietly opened the birthday cards and looked at the pictures.

She could not believe the presents! "Just what I wanted!"

She blew out the candles. She already knew it was delicious, especially the purple frosting! For a four-year-old, it was a perfect party!

When I tried to select a photo or two for the Color of the Week, I was surprised at the number of impressions which came from just a couple of hours; at how many faces of Lucy there were. As I try to get back in the studio in this quiet house, I must remember that no matter what the subject for painting or writing, there might be another thought . . . another point of view . . . another process . . . another surface . . . another way to see "Birthday."

BushStrokes (c) AAB


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back in blog world again. I knew where you were but I missed you.

I love the pictures of your little princesses. I noticed Luch doesn't look into the camera-does she have a reason? Most kids look straight into it and give a "grimace", fake smile. I wish I could see them and talk to them.


Annette Bush said...

Glad you enjoyed the pictures -- i promise more of Belle later. Lucy looks into the camera often, but I take so many, I can choose the ones I want. Sometimes, the best ones don't fit what I want to say in the blog, so they don't get posted.

Yikes, I noticed that this one needs a little proofing . . .