Thursday, April 20, 2006

Checking the Pog -- Day 20

April 19
A spur-of-the-moment trip after the market in Lavelanet led us to explore the road to Mont Segur. The Cathar Castle on top of a "Pog" was much too far for us to climb to -- maybe in another life! -- but we enjoyed sketching it from the road at the bottom of the mountain.

I couldn't resist starting with the opposite view with its lime green grass and some playful cows -- Mammas and babies making their way down the path from the top of the hill. We think they went down to the little house . . . .

A "Pog" seems to be a rock mound which explodes from the top of the mountain like Pilot Mountain near Mount Airy, North Carolina. Who knew it was a POG?!!

I was driving today -- great views, scary drop-offs, and hair-pin curves. I later commented that my eyes seemed to be doing funny things and that maybe I had a concussion from hitting my nose on the computer monitor. Karen said, "Thanks."

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