Friday, April 21, 2006

Putting Things in Perspective -- Day 21

April 20
Needing a few groceries and a bank machine, Karen and I drove to Chalabre where we passed Randy walking her dog, Maggie. We parked, got money and bought bread, cheese, etc. Then we found the way to the Chateau de Chalabre which is now a historic park. It was closed, but we just wanted the ride through the plaintree allée, the view from the hilltop and a few photos. (A Medieval Gentleman in brown garb appeared and told us it was OKAY. We were so stunned, we forgot to take his picture!) There is a medieval theme for open weekends since the Chateau was begun in the 13th C. There are 15th and 18th C additions.

Ellie and John came to join us on the ride to Mirepox for lunch with Randy and Jean Marc at their favorite restaurant -- Le Commerce -- which allows dogs and the food is great. All had the 12 Euro plat du jour except Karen and me. We splurged on the 16.50 euro lunch because it had sea snails with garlic mayonaise, stuffed salmon in cream sauce with spinach and au gratin zuchinni and finished with creme brulee.

After lunch each of us went in search of our own treats. I returned to the quiet interior of Ste-Maurice Cathedral. It seemed so-o-o quiet and different. Later I realized it was because, on my previous visit, the old sanctuary was filled with warmth and smiles of the Altar Guild which was dusting, mopping and changing light bulbs to prepare this special place for Easter Sunday. Sometimes we forget that most places don't exist just for the tourists! I stopped outside and sketched the garden.

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