Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mountains Inside Out - Day 19

Day 19
A visit to the Caves at Niaux were high on my list and Raya and I made the trek toward the Spanish border. We followed a tiny little road up the mountain. We had to pull off several times when we met other cars coming down the mountain. The huge contemporary Sculpture on the entry porch was designed by M. Fuksas to look like an pre-historic animal emerging from the cave. It sets the tone for the adventure. (a note: the English tour group was very small compared to the French speaking groups, so even if one speaks French, the smaller group is a good choice!)

We walked, slid, scrunched and climbed for about a half hour until we reached the beginning of the marks. We had 30 minutes to view the drawings around the walls of the Salon Noir.

When we reached the black gallery, I was reminded of the visit to Ste-Sernin in Toulouse and the voice which filled the cathedral with the sweet sounds of "Ave Maria." It would not have been out of place in this spot.

We were astonished by the animals, but pleased when the return walk was finished.
Raya and I continued our journey and found ourselves at another 360 degree view - this time on top of a mountain! The way home was one of the most memorable. Every turn was a magnificent view.

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