Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wandering Destinations -- Day 22

April 21
How could I forget the drive from Mirepoix yesterday where bicycles out-numbered cars and everything stopped while a flock of sheep (mouton) crossed the main road and oo-oozled on down a side road toward their next green pasture? Wonder where they are going? Rent-a-Mouton, perhaps? (The farmer moves them around for grass cutting.)

It's hard to draw a BLACK cat in the just-after-dawn-hours, but she stayed still for these two attempts. I just let the pen oozle around the shape!

After lunch, we had no plan, so we took a long walk to explore LaForge, the sculpture studio and the little road to the River Hers. We collected rocks, thistles and images along the way through what will be summer cornfields. We sort of oozled as well.

"What do you do on a trip?" Before the trip, I had asked daughter Susan to edit and bind copies of a small book which I have been writing with tips for artists who are making non-art trips. I presented a copy to each of the group and asked them to review it over the month. Today, I asked for feedback. General opinion was that there is a lot of good info in it; it should be fleshed out to full volume; ' plein air' is misspelled and assorted other comments -- some helpful; some not --- as expected ---hum-m-m . . . /

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