Thursday, January 11, 2007

Making Space

"Ex-c-cuse Me! I'm moving to Puddin's House."

We are rearranging space to make room for Lucy and her Mamma to come and live with us while her Daddy is in Afghanistan. Since there will be another little one in June, we decided that three of our downstairs rooms -- the office/guest room, the den, and my studio -- would be the best space for them.

It is strange to pack away the space I claimed when I moved in this house 15 years ago:
--"my studio" even when I have had secondary studios in other places;
--"my studio" even when I have not painted for a while (as most of last year);
--"my studio" even when I tackled projects other than painting.

I hope to carve out some space to paint in an upstairs workroom or on a nearby porch and will find a place to write in my sitting room. But, in this new arrangement, I suspect it will not be a matter of making space; I suspect it will be a matter of making time.

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KJ said...

What a cutie! Very busy going places, for sure! Nothing makes you want to paint like not having your usual space available to you... you'll find the time because the need is still there. KJ