Saturday, August 18, 2007

The MAGIC number is TWO!

Things didn't change much in the household when the new baby arrived. She ate and slept and cried. Big sister wanted to be a baby again, making baby sounds and forgetting potty training. We mostly just carried on as usual.

But, we have learned that the magic number is 2.

On the 11th, Belle turned 2 months and Lucy became a 2 year old. Belle began to smile and coo at more than just her Mamma and there is now a little person there. Lucy learned that "Happy Birthday," a cake and candles were for her; (and not just for the ChickFil-A Cow!)* and suddenly a preschooler lives here!

I can already tell that there will be less time for blog entries, housework and art. Having Lucy in the household since January brought lots of fun changes; the two-year-old temper tantrums are the least pleasant.

Now there will be two for stories and songs, two for walks to see amazing things, two with fingers in my paint and crayons on my sketchbooks, two with tears to be kissed away and two for bedtime hugs.

Oh, yes. TWO is the MAGIC number!

*A little note: We stumbled upon the annual birthday party at our local Chick Fil-A. It was Lucy's first "birthday party," so when she went to a friend's party the next week, she sang "Happy Birthday, Cow!" For her own birthday, she got a special cow from her great-grandmother LaLa which had been her gift several years ago from Truett Cathy, the Chick Fil-A founder.

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