Monday, August 20, 2007

Taking a Challenge

Several months ago, I decided to create a blog for my old High school classmates -- Class of '59. We are getting ready for our 50th Reunion so lately there are more contacts, photo ops and emails and it seemed like an easy thing. The committee didn't seem interested in using E-communications, so I did it for me!

I know. I hardly have time to post here on BushStrokes, but this a different. I also thought it would help to generate a little enthusiasm between the sometimes-quarterly newsletters. Well, the Barbecue which we held five years ago to build interest/enthusiasm for our 45th Reunion has grown annually to include its own committee, all classes from the 50s and 800-1000 attendees -- all of them pre-baby boomers! I don't expect the blog to grow to those numbers, I just want to have fun with it. So why not!

Now, the Reunion Chairmen have asked me to do the print newsletter too, "After all, you do the blog and it's the same stuff," they said. "Same info, but a different kind of writing," I said. "One is for you and one is for me!"

The same news. Twice. Different. It's a challenge.

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