Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Through the Looking Glass

What a surprise to find myself on someone else's blog! I'm sometimes linked to or quoted or mentioned, but this is ME -- a description of me! My friend Robin has touched on my appearance, my peculiarities and my personality in 50 words or less! Oh, my Goodness! It's not often we get to see ourselves as others see us.

She wrote:
Just when I thought I had caught up - me with my pro digital camera, my three pro printers, my new computer, updated software and Photoshop plugins, my lcd TV and digital music system. Just when I thought I was, well, not on the leading edge, but at least keeping up, my artist friend one-upped me. Annette Bush of the flowing silver hair and attention getting hats, Annette of the high heel sandals for sightseeing, of the feathers and felt and family stories for every occasion. Annette bought an iPhone. It's too big to fit in her bra, she says, but has so many cool features she'll find another place for it.

I'll never catch up.

Who IS this person? Certainly, it's not who I think I see in the mirror every morning. It's a view from the other side of the Looking Glass. It feels very strange.

And yes, I bought an iPhone. And yes, it is cool. And yes, it does fit.

Besides, it's a little nod to my new goal of living with "Joyous Naughtiness."

BTW, my friend Robin doesn't need to catch up. She is way ahead of the pack. Her wonderful blog is here. (Be forewarned; just reading about her daily creative output is exhausting.)


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