Sunday, October 07, 2007

Color of the Day -- Black and White

Yesterday, we stopped at a nearby town for the 19th annual Laurel and Hardy Festival. The day is a small town's tribute to it's native son, Oliver Hardy, and his classic black and white movies. The humor of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy suits this little town and people from around the world stop in to visit the museum, watch the parade, see a few movies and compare the look-a-likes. Lucy and Belle were curious about the whole thing.

Crafts, food and kiddie rides kept the crowd moving up and down the main street. Lucy thought that pony rides were less scary than patting Clydesdales.

In spite of the looming black and white clouds overhead, the sun popped out occasionally and we stayed longer than we had planned.

There was still time get to our summer cottage and do a few repairs. It was a good day.

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