Thursday, October 04, 2007

Street Talk -- Passing Parades

On one of our walks up the street, we hurried the five blocks to see the annual horse and carriage parade. The event was begun by one of my high school classmates to kick-off the winter Futurity. It was popular, but because of unpredictable weather, it was moved to spring. More recently, it has been scheduled to coincide with our major downtown Arts Festival.

Lest you think it boring. Consider that there were four legged creatures from miniature mules to Clydesdales, wheeled vehicles from chuck wagons to funeral hearses and modern dress mixed with western garb and period costumes.

The entries moved like clockwork down the blocks and there were few lulls in the line-up for a full hour of fun. The street-sweepers signaled the end, but we were reluctant to leave and moved one block over to catch the beginning again.

After the parade, we stopped to visit at our neighborhood bed and breakfast inn.
Suddenly, a vehicle towing a horse trailer pulled up in front and a couple of guests stopped to check out. They opened the trailer to let us see their Clydesdales closeup. They talked about how much they liked the well-run event and our city (and of course, our street) before they began their long drive back to North Georgia. They agreed that they would plan to come again.

This was the 15th year. This was my first time! Five blocks away and this was my first time. Shame on me.

Are there parades passing you by on your street?


KJ said...

I bet Lucy leads you to discover other wonders you've missed... g-kids tend to do that ;-)

Annette Bush said...

Ah-h-h. Lucy is a wonder all by herself -- big smile. I think its mostly a matter of having more free time these days to just explore the little things. Actually, having a digital camera has made a difference in how I see things as well -- that surprises me more than Lucy's influence.